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To schedule at your convenience a quick introduction to explore how coaching will work for you.


Chris supports people who are ready for change, who may feel paralyzed and stuck in their life, to find purpose and happiness. Chris Nixon is a dedicated passionate Erickson Solution Focused coach who will help you navigate your life’s path!  Chris Nixon Helps can help you find your purpose, your life’s passion, your happy place, and that calming feeling a person gets when they realize they have made the right decision.


The life coaching experience is different for each and every person.  It can be described as a dance, where the coach and the client each move together in harmony as the objectives are explored. That is why it is so crucial to work with an experienced passionate coach one-on-one.  Chris Nixon Helps will tailor a program to fit your needs, challenges, and goals.

To find out if life coaching is right for you, Chris Nixon Helps offers a free 45-minute introductory session.  This session is designed to open a dialog to explore how coaching is right for the client, answer questions, and provide an opportunity to experience coaching.

After that, we will agree on a customized plan and schedule to meet your objectives. We recommend that you meet with Chris once a week for a 30-minute session.  These sessions will take your ideas and dreams and prioritize them to create a plan that will put you one step closer to meeting your goals.


Originally a Northern Alberta farm kid, Chris Nixon discovered a passion and a knack for coaching through the accidental supervisory role he found himself in at work.  An engineering coop student became his responsibility, and this student needed help and guidance in searching for his next step in life.  Over a four-month period, Chris and his student created a “next step” life path that not only incited this young man’s passion in his chosen career, but it created a purpose for him that also made him happy and at harmony with his world.  Chris discovered he had a passion for helping people who are stuck and searching for their next steps in life.

Chris has a strong foundation in Lean Six Sigma – strategic problem solving, goal setting, the 4 Disciplines of Execution®, and Erickson Solution Focussed Coaching. Transitioning from a career as an Electrical Engineering Technologist, and a Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Coordinator to a life coach was not as difficult as you might think. Chris is an analytical thinker which was useful in his former career and is a tremendous asset when coaching clients to develop solutions for their next steps in their new life’s path.


“An introvert; A teacher at heart, I love learning new things with the intention of sharing that knowledge with others.” – Chris Nixon 2016



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